Steel Tongue Drum Set (Tank Drum)

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Are you looking for a new and exciting instrument that's super fun and easy to play? Look no further than the Steel Tongue Drum Set! Also known as a tank drum, this awesome little instrument is perfect for budding talent and makes a great introduction to music. You'll be sure to love it! Available in various colors, the Steel Tongue Drum Set comes with a carry case and accessories, so you can take it wherever you go. The Tank Drum Set sounds great and has a soothing, bell-like tone that is sure to please. The bright colors are also sure to add some fun to your music-making and you can get into the music right away; they’re so simple and easy to play. So why not try something new and exciting today with the Steel Tongue Drum Set?

Comes With:

  • 1 - Tank Drum
  • 1 - Storage Bag
  • 2 - Drumsticks
  • 1 - Sheet Music
  • 3 - Drum Pads
  • 4 - Finger Cots
  • 1 - Note Sticker


  • Material: steel alloy
  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Perfect for kids, or music therapy

These tank drums are a great introduction to music as they are simple and easy to play. More importantly, they sound so good! They're available in a great selection of colors and come with a carry case and accessories. You can use the included mallets or finger cots to try out some different styles. Get experimental with your cool new steel tongue drum! They have a soothing tone that's perfect for yoga and meditation. So why not give the tank drum a try today? You'll be making beautiful music in no time!

It truly is an innovative musical instrument. It’s durable, portable, and fun to play. The steel tongue drum is perfect for anyone wanting to create music anywhere; spread the joy of music! These 8-tone drums are super easy to play, portable, and come in a selection of bright colors, making them great for kids too! Not only do they look and sound great, but they also have a calming tone that is perfect for music therapy. So if you're looking for an instrument that is both fun and therapeutic, then this is it. Order yours before they’re sold out!

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