Retro Vinyl Record Coasters (A Fun and Unique Gift Idea!)

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Glenna Tromp

It is as detailed in the product description, it is very original, does not slide, prevents the table from being spoiled by the glasses or drink s, being non-slip there is less chance that the drink will spill on the table or fall on the ground, they are very good, I recommend them.

Efrain Brakus

It is the second time I buy, it is very beautiful, happened for coaster collectors or for those who are nostalgic for the times when a record player was used.

Blair VonRueden

really happy with this purchase , i gifted it to a friend , thats into vintage hifi. the coasters themselves seem to be made of actual Vinyl. definitely worth the money.

Gia Armstrong

Perfect, very nice

Eden Haag

Excellent quality! I totally recommend them

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Who said that records were a thing of the past? Relive the glory days of vinyl with these unique and stylish Retro Vinyl Record Coasters! Made of safe and environmentally friendly hard plastic material, these coasters feature the visual appearance of real records, complete with grooves that collect condensed water. They make for the perfect retro-style decoration in any home and are sure to be a conversation starter at your next dinner party. These coasters are fun, unique, and practical. The bottom non-slip rubber ring design ensures that these coasters will stay firmly in place without leaving marks on your tables. They also make for an ideal gift for vinyl record collectors, presented in exquisite packaging. So don't miss out on this blast from the past - grab a set of these Retro Vinyl Record Coasters today!


  • Cool Retro Design
  • Bottom non-slip rubber ring design:
  • The ideal gift for record collectors
  • Heat-insulating
  • Collects condensation

Looking for a cool way to decorate your home while also paying tribute music? Look no further than these awesome retro vinyl record coasters! These unique, stylish water-resistant hard plastic coaster pieces look just like old-school records. They’re such a fun way to decorate the home or the office. The surface of each one has grooves that can hold condensation from beverages making them both practical and fun in style - perfect as decoration on any '70s or '80s-themed space (or gift). They're packaged beautifully so you'll feel great about buying with confidence knowing they come enclosed inside an elegant box made out of durable card stock paper where their song label will stay firm but not easily fall off.

Have you ever seen a coaster that looks like an old vinyl record? Well, now there's one less thing to wonder about. These environmentally friendly and safe hard plastic coasters will have your guests talking (in appreciation) as they try not only to see but also listen for those scratches on each side! These are great for anyone who loves vintage collectibles and an old-school style! Buy with confidence knowing that you’re getting a high-quality product that will add some fun and personality to your home or office décor. Order your set of retro record coasters today!

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