Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition Poster (Printable Poster)

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We are proud to present to you The Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition! This downloadable poster is packed with information to help you make music in any major or minor key with ease. The poster includes elegant typography and is color-coded to aid in the creation of chord progressions for the ukulele. It also features a color-coded ukulele fretboard to help with memorization and can be used to find alternate chord voicings. For more info on how to use this tool, please visit our blog.


The layout of the poster includes the major keys on the outer ring and the minor keys on the next smaller ring. The notes on these rings can also be used to represent chords and scale degrees. The diminished chords are located closest to the section in blue, which represents the number of sharp or flat notes in each of the keys they share a column in.


Let’s use the poster to make a chord progression right now!

First, we will select our key. For this example, we will use the key of A Major. Next, we will select one of the popular chord progression formulas found in the center of the poster under the circle of fifths. Let’s go with the I - V - IV - V progression. Using the major key chart and the circle of fifths together, we replace the roman numerals with the corresponding chords from the circle. 

The result is as follows:

I - V - IV - V

In the key of A Major, this formula becomes:

A - E - D - E

We’ve simply replaced the roman numerals with the matching cords in the key of A major and voila! We have our progression ready to go. It’s that easy!


This is just one example of how to use the Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition poster, and this example can be applied to any tonal instrument, not just the ukulele! As mentioned earlier, please refer to our blog post on this topic for more detailed information on how to use our Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition poster.

 Available in 3 colors!

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