LED Light Wall Hanger (Display your Instruments with Style!)

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Looking for a way to add some serious style to your music space? Check out our LED Light Wall Hanger! It’s one of the best guitar wall hangers you’ll find anywhere! This unique wall mount is perfect for displaying your instruments in a cool, creative way. Plus, it comes in four different colors to match your personal style.

Not only is our LED Light Wall Hanger super stylish, but it's also functional. It can be used as a guitar wall hanger, ukulele wall mount bracket, bass guitar wall mount hanger bracket, and violin wall hanger. Make sure to use a stud finder when installing for maximum strength and security. It’s a fantastic light-up display for your musical instrument. And it uses two AA batteries (not included) for power, so you can keep the party going all night long!


  • Colour: White/Red/Green/Blue
  • Durable/High Light/Low Temperature
  • Eco-Friendly Material meets RoHS standard
  • Package Size: 15x10x16mm
  • Product Weight: 188g
  • Case Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 66 (GF-Nylon66) (Better than Plastic and ABS)
  • Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included)

Spotlight on you! Your musical skills are amazing and your space needs some cool ambiance to make it pop. Look no further than our LED Light Wall Hanger, which comes in four colors so that we can find the perfect match for any decorating style at home or office - even if you're not sure what type of musician YOU are (guitar Virtuoso? Bass Prodigy?). And don't worry about power: this battery-powered guitar wall hanger conveniently uses batteries and won’t stop shining until morning.

Rock out with your new LED Light Guitar Wall Hanger! The LED Light Wall Hanger is a great way to show off your musical skills and add some cool ambiance to any space. This guitar wall mount is perfect for displaying instruments in style. Let 'em shine bright like never before! Whether playing solo at backyard get-togethers during family barbecues; or practicing solos while lounging around watching TV after school. Want to showcase your musical talents and add some cool ambiance? This guitar wall mount is perfect for displaying instruments in style. Get ready to take your musical home decor to the next level with these awesome LED instrument hangers. Order yours now before they sell out!

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