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Marcelle McLaughlin

Crocodile Capo (Such a Cool Capo!)

Eloy Tillman

It's better than described, a little big but solid and with good spring, fits super well to the ropes and arrived literally in 10 days

Rafael Lynch

Nice crocodile. It is executed beautifully as in the picture, it performs functions. Recommend.

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Looking for a stylish and cool-looking guitar capo? Check out our Crocodile Capo! It’s the best guitar capo for those who want something much more interesting than ordinary! This unique and fun accessory is made of durable metal, and it comes in three different color choices. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our Crocodile Capo is perfect for adding a little personality to your guitar playing. Plus, it's also a great conversation starter, everyone is going to want to know where you got it! So why not add one to your collection today?


  • Made Of Durable Metal
  • Suitable For Acoustic/Electric Guitar
  • Unique Crocodile Head design
  • Strong grip, stays secure on the fretboard
  • Safe to Use With Your Guitar
  • Can Clamp On Any Fret
  • Available in: Red Gold, Silver, Bronze

Are you tired of settling for simply ordinary? Our Crocodile Capo is the best guitar capo for you! It's built to last, with a tough metal construction that can withstand lots of use. And because it doesn't damage the instrument, you can clip it to any fret without worry. If you’re new to the world of guitars, a capo is simply a device that will allow you to change the key that the instrument is being played in easily, without having to change the tuning. So why not add a little personality to your guitar playing with the Crocodile Capo? This is a capo that's stylish and cool-looking. You don’t want just any capo, you want the best guitar capo!

You’re going to love the Crocodile Capo! This unique and fun metal capo is available in three different colors and is durable enough to withstand years of use. The Crocodile Capo also has a special clip design that won't damage your instrument, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced players alike. You’re going to make all your musical friends jealous when you bring this thing to the jam session, for sure! So if you're looking for something more than just an ordinary guitar capo, pick up a Crocodile Capo today!

Looking for something more than just your ordinary guitar capo? You’ve just discovered the best guitar capo ever! This stylish and cool-looking metal crocodile guitar capo is unique and fun. It's also durable, thanks to its high-quality metal construction. And you can choose from three great colors. So if you're looking for an essential tool for all guitarists that's also great for gifts, look no further than our Crocodile Capo!

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