Circle of Fifths Ukulele With Chords

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We are so excited and proud to present to you our Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition poster! This high-quality print was designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. The poster features elegant typography and is beautifully colored with the goal of enhancing your creative space to inspire you to do what you love; make awesome music!


This version of our poster includes the chord diagrams directly on the circle of fifths chart. This is a great choice for learners who want to start creating their own music as quickly as possible!


Packed with as much information as we could fit on it while maintaining a minimalistic look, this poster has the ingredients you need to start making your own music in any major or minor key with ease! This poster was designed to aid in the creation of chord progressions for the ukulele with the use of the major and minor key charts. It also features a color-coded ukulele fretboard to help with memorization and can be used to find alternate chord voicings and much more!

Here is a brief description of the layout of the poster, for those who are not familiar with the circle of fifths: The larger notes on the outer ring represent all the major keys. The next smaller ring represents the minor keys. The notes on these rings can also be used to represent chords and scale degrees. Then, we have the diminished chords closest to the section in blue. The blue section represents the number of sharp or flat notes in each of the keys they share a column in. For more information on the circle of fifths and how to use it, please go to our blog post on the topic.

Let’s use the poster to make a chord progression right now!

First, we will select our key. For this example, we will use the key of A Major. Next, we will select one of the popular chord progression formulas found in the center of the poster under the circle of fifths. Let’s go with the I - V - IV - V progression. Using the major key chart and the circle of fifths together, we replace the roman numerals with the corresponding chords from the circle. 

The result is as follows:

I - V - IV - V

In the key of A Major, this formula becomes:

A - E - D - E

We’ve simply replaced the roman numerals with the matching cords in the key of A major and voila! We have our progression ready to go. It’s that easy!

This is just one example of how to use the Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition poster, and this example can be applied to any tonal instrument, not just the ukulele! As mentioned earlier, please refer to our blog post on this topic for more detailed information on how to use our Circle of Fifths Ukulele Edition poster.

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