16 String Mahogany Lyre Harp

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This Mahogany Lyre Harp is a beautifully crafted instrument that is excellent for those who want to learn about music or for those who are looking for a stylish alternative to more common instruments. Some of these harps are made with a sound cavity for superior resonance and sustain, and they are also comfortable to hold and play. Or you can choose from the solid body options for a different style and sound. The 16-string Harp is made of solid wood and is available in 11 great styles! It sounds and looks beautiful, and the mahogany is an excellent tone wood.


  • 16 strings
  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • Ergonomic design, easy to hold
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • 11 Great styles to choose from!

These harps are compact in size, so they are easy to bring anywhere with you! It’ll make an wonderful addition to acoustic jam sessions. These models have 16 strings which makes them easy to play for kids and beginners. Whether you're at home or around the campfire, this Mahogany Harp is sure to add a touch of elegance and charm to any setting. It would make a great addition to any music lover's collection and would make an excellent gift for kids or beginners who are looking to get their feet wet in the vast and beautiful world of music.

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about good music. And we believe their lyre harp is just about the loveliest instrument around. Crafted from solid wood with beautiful mahogany, this 16-string version is perfect for anyone who loves to play and produce beautiful music. Choose from eleven great styles and find the perfect look for your home or studio. And when it comes to sound, this harp is simply unbeatable. So why not add a little bit of classical flare to your life? With this simple, yet incredible instrument, you're sure to create beautiful music that will last for centuries.

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful instrument that sounds great and is fun to play, then consider our Mahogany Lyre Harp! This 16-stringed harp is made of solid wood and looks amazing. It's available in eleven different styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. It's also comfortable to hold and play. The models with a sound cavity design have great resonance, but the solid body designs sound great too! Plus, it's a great instrument for kids to learn about music on. So why not add a little elegance and class to your home with a new Harp today? You won't be disappointed!

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